My favourite approach to learning is creating notes. This allows me to synthesise and summarise ideas in my own words, and build a framework of understanding on a topic. I believe of note taking apotheosis of this is in maintaining a LaTeX document. This way, my notes become formal, legible and, thanks to GitHub, immortal. Where possible I like to supplement my notes with code.

Last chance stats

Last chance stats (statistics) covers core topics in number theory, statistics, machine learning, and computer science. I aim that each section covers a self-contained lesson. Accompanying MATLAB code is also available.

Last chance bio

Last chance bio (biology) is my attempt at summarising the basics of molecular and cell biology.

Last chance lit

Last chance lit (literature) contains the summaries of interesting articles I have come across throughout my research. It consists mostly of papers on high content screening or deep/transfer learning. I hope that one day it will form the basis of a beautiful dissertation.


I also like to take notes on important software like git, Bash, C++, or Python.